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Moai are cool. And video games are cool.

Oh, and lists are cool too.

What was the first game featuring Moai?

One of the games from 1983.

Why so many from Konami?

That’s because of Yoshinori “Moai” Sasaki. (ref)

Why the fascination with Moai in Japan?

  • 1980, September
    Moai-like statue (Moyai) installed at Shibuya, Tokyo, as a gift fromย Nii-jima island. (ref)
  • 1982, March
    EXPOLAND amusement park had a real Moai on display, which captured the attention of the public and kick-started the meme of Moai in games. (ref)
  • 1984, February
    Konami add Moai the first of many games. (ref)
  • 1986, February
    POPCOM magazine featured a history of Moai which was perhap responsible for the doubling the number of Moai in video games that year. (ref)

How do I pronounce Moai?


What are Moai?

See Wikipedia.

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